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                 THE LAWMEN CLAIM GROUP!!

                                      New claims located in the Florence Basin.



 Eve Lode #22

20 acres. This is a very fine gold property with great access to a rich gulch located on the claim. We can find gold on this claim right now. It has a nice meadow and  great camping areas.   $7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Eve Lode #35
20 acres. The town site of New Florence nests inhe middle of this claim. With multiple cabin sights, and one nice standing cabin. We can find gold on this claim right now. Own a piece of history!    $7,000.00
 Alder Creek #1
20 acres. This claim can be accessed year around!  We can produce gold on this claim right now. It has a large camping area. Alder Creek runs the length, right through the middle, with areas of exposed bed rock.

 $3500.00   SOLD!!



40 acres, Little French Creek #2

We can find good gold on this claim right now!




Humbolt Mine

160 acres, placer, two story log cabin, 4 settling ponds, placer tunnel with track.




Alder Creek #2

20 acer placer claim. Located near Garden Valley Idaho.

This claim is lower in elevation and can be mined year around! Priced to sell!

$4,000.00 SOLD!!


Chessler Creek

20 acre claim in Florence with creek running right through the middle. This claim was worked in the 1870's Gold is still present and is abundant in every test pan. All or part, can be broken up!




The Yakima Mine

20 acres

This mine has two cabins. It is located in the Florence gold mining district. The Yakima Mine is clearly marked on all Nez Pierce National Forest maps.

$16,000.00 FINANCED!!


Little French Creek 

Claim Group! 5, claims

 Little French Creek is stacked  with gold bearing gravels under layers of peat and has had little  to no activity since the early miners. It is located in the Florence Basin. Buy all or part.







 The Big Three Mine, also known as the Liberty Mine,

is a 20 acre lode claim located in the Florence mining district. This claim has Witsher Creek running through the middle. Cabins are nonexistant due to fire.





 The Carey Terese Prospect is a 20 acre lode claim located in the Florence Mining District.






The Seaburg Prospect Formerly marked as "unnamed," is a 20 acre lode claim located in the Florence Mining District. It is located East of the Gold Bug Mine and is believed to be on the same strike.




Gold Valley

20 acre lode/placer claim that produces nuggets located in the War Eagle Mining District. Metal detect this claim for pea size gold! Large pond! Nice cabin (needs a new top).

$7000.00 FINANCED!!


East Fork California Creek

20 acres

Dry gulch placer/lode





Eve Lode #39

20 acres

This claim is located close to the Florence cemetary. It just dips into Baboon Gulch, one of the richest areas that has been discovered in the Florence Basin so far. This claim has great access.

$7,000.0 SOLD!!

Eve Lode Frac. #3

7.4 acre lode claim

This claim has some great access and camping! Watch the elk and deer on your gold claim. Enjoy this meadow full of gold.

$5,000.00 FINANCED!!

Miller Creek

160 acres Placer/lode

This is the last large claim we have available in the Florence District.

This claim has lots of potential for a larger operation. With two different creeks and several old cabin sites. Miller Creek drains Baboon Gulch. It is so far the richest discovery to date in the basin. Come take a look!

$39,000.00  FINANCED!!!

Waverly fraction

17.2 acre lode

This is an extension of the patented Waverly lode mine one of the most extensive tunnel systems in the Florence basin. Located on 6 ounce Gulch with over 40 documented gold laiden viens.There is running water on this claim. Standing water is present also.

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Sand Creek #5

Is a 20 acre placer claim on Sand Creek. There's an old bucket line dredge that still remains on this claim as well as two cabins. This claim is rich! The bucket line dredge was rendered useless because of the peat (large trees not yet decomposed under the meadow). Heavy mineralized high grade present.

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Sand Creek #3

A 20 acre placer with a nice cabin and a creek. Part of this claim is meadow and part is up on higher ground. This is a sweet claim. Late 1800's workings are present.

$10,000.00 SOLD!!

Sand Creek #4

20 acre placer claim

A large meadow with some high ground. These meadows in Florence are known to be full of gold. High water table and peat made it difficult for the early miners.

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Sand Creek #1

160 acre placer.

This claim has two drainages on oppisite ends, Sand Creek and Grouse Creek. Late 1800's mine tailings are present.

$29,000.00  FINANCED!!


California Creek 20acres

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!


Ozark #1

Almost 20 acres!

This is a great claim in the head of Ozark Gulch between Pioneer Gulch and Baboon Gulch. Some of the richest discoveries to date.

$7,000.00  FINANCED!!

Ozark #2

15+ acre fraction.

Great access right through the middle. Small stream. This claim borders the Ozark #2

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Gold Flat

20 acre open pit placer mine with a nice stream. Old Workings are present. Secluded.

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!

Metal detecting claim

20 acres. Coarse gold found here. Lode gold, several large open drifts.

$7,000.00 AVAILABLE!!




20 acre placer claim

 Rich in gold! Thick orange crushed quartz ancient stream bed. This is a great claim.



Home sweet Home

40 acre placer

This claim has a nice stream

 lots of younger sediments to mine. secluded with limited access. Old workings are present

$14,000.00  FINANCED!!



Sister claim to Florence

20 acre placer.

This is a rich claim! Lots of open ground. Great stream.

Thick with ancient gravels.



Top of the mountain!

20 acre metal detecting claim located in the War Eagle Mining District. Large gold. Nice cabin and old workings present. Has several large springs.

$7,000.00  FINANCED!!

White Creek!

20 acre placer claim.

This cabin is on a lode discovery with a nice creek. Placer workings are present.

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!


The Rye Patch!

20 acre placer claim Located in the War Eagle Mining District.

Find gold nuggets on this claim! Nice stream. $10,000.00  AVAILABLE!!

Florence Lode

20 acre lode claim with several open pits. This claim has great access and camping. This strike is on quartz stringers that trend east to west with a small creek for processing!

$7,000.00 SOLD!!

The Fine Gold

20 acre placer claim located on a large creek with a bonus spring. This claim has great camping, fishing, and easy access. There is an old rock cabin located on this claim as well.

$4,000.00  SOLD!!


Last Chance

20 acre placer claim with easy access, camping, and a small creek.

$7,000.00 AVAILABLE!!


20 acres right next to the last chance. Great access, and its at a lower elevation.

$7,000.00 SOLD!!




Warren Placer

20 acre placer claim located in the Warren Mining District. Situated on Steamboat Creek! Early workings are present. $20,000.00 


Easy Diggins

20 acre placer claim located in the Warren Mining District. Early workings are present. Situated on Steamboat Creek

$7,000.00  SOLD!!


20 acre placer located in the Warren Mining District. This claim has a nice creek!

$10,000.00 FINANCED!!

Warren Diggins

20 acre placer claim located in the Warren Mining District. Located on Steamboat Creek. $20,000.00 



Sister Of Warren

20 acre placer claim located in Warren Mining District. Early bucket line dredge tailings are present. Great

metal detecting. $10,000.00 FINANCED!



20 acre placer claim located in the Warren Mining District. Early workings from the 1800s are present. Nice creek! 

$20,000.00 Pending!!

Shot Gun Willie

20 acre placer! This claim sits in the middle of great elk hunting! Beautiful gold rich stream.

$7000.00 AVAILABLE!!

The Lawmen Claim group!!

New placer ground! Nice stream that once again supports rich gold bearing black sands and quartz gravels throughout. These are 20 acre placer claims with very limited access...



#1 Tom Horn  AVAILABLE!!


#2 George Scarborough  AVAILABLE!!


#3 Jim Courtright  FINANCED!!


#4 Pat Garrett  AVAILABLE!!


#5 Bat Masterson  AVAILABLE!!


#6 Wyatt Earp  AVAILABLE!!


French Creek

20 acre placer. This claim has the very best trout fishing... and great camping spots...

Cash Only.. Year around access at 2000' elevation $3,000.00


Easy Money

20 acre placer gold claim on a large stream. This area has a rich history. Easy camping!

$7,000.00 Financed!!

Little French Creek #3 20acres

$7,000.00 SOLD!!

Upper Sand Creek #2   20acres

$7,000.00 SOLD!!

Little French Creek #4  20 acres

$7,000.00  AVAILABLE!!

Little French Creek EXT. 20 cres

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!


U.S. Ext 20 acre placer located on both Black Sand Creek and Immegrant Gulch. Historical lode mine is located on this claim. Highly desirable property. $14,000.00


Lost Meadow 20 acre placer 

Find your fortune here! This is the typical size stream you will find all over the Florence Basin. Rich gulch pacers. $7,000.00


The Bounty 20 acre placer

This claim is also located in a very desired area of the Florence Basin. $14,000.00


New Diggins   20 acre placer claim located in a rich gulch. Paying sands and gravels are located in a 14'' band/layer just above the deteriated bed rock!

$7,000.00 FINANCED!!


Old Diggins 20 acres above the New Diggins Claim that adjoins.

Early workings are present!

$7,000.00 SOLD!!!

Lucky Strike  10 acre placer with lode prospects. The orange sands and quartz  gravels are exposed under this old tree trunk! This is a great spot.

$7,000.00 AVAILABLE!!



                 THE OUTLAW CLAIM GROUP!!



Billy The Kid

20 Acres PENDING!!


20 Acres PENDING!!

Jesse James

20 Acres FINANCED!!

Pancho Villa

20 Acres FINANCED!!

Black Bart

20 Acres FINANCED!!

Butch Cassidy

20 Acres FINANCED!!


20 Acres



20 Acres SOLD!!

Florence Gold!

20 acre placer.



Financing available!! Zero down and $199.00 a month @ 7% interest! No credit checks!

We have new claims that are not listed yet! Call for more information! 

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