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I think "about pages" should contain at least one personal story about the website author. That is what I would want to read. Maybe a little catchy bit that gives you a glimpse into who the guy really is. Well, here you go. My best friend and husband, Travis, would do anything for his little family. He'll work as hard as the day is long, with a smile on his face. Hell of a guy. Well, after one such day, I asked my tired husband what he would do with his time if money  had nothing to do with it. I think we all need to ask that question once in awhile. He thought for a minute, then he said, "I would camp. I love to camp." So we bought our first tipi and went up the Salmon River 15 miles, and we set it up on the biggest, sandiest, kid friendliest beach we could find. We didn't go home for 14 days! It was epic.

Our family is known for doing everything together. We have four kids so this means a crowded suburban full of camping equipment, and lots of summer weekends wandering trails and setting up tents. (And maybe some little old lady behind the gas station counter looking at me like maybe she feels just a little sorry for me! But she would be wrong. We live for these weekends!) Travis is the head of all of these adventures. Camp coordinator. The trip usually centers around some old mining sweet spot for prospecting. This means I set up kitchen while the kids scare up any sort of wild life around our camp and Travis disappears with a metal detector. Patrick McManus: eat your heart out!


Hello! My name is Shoshannah Hollon. I am here to tell you about our area and introduce you to our beautiful little family! We are the Hollons! We live in the Salmon River Canyon in North Central Idaho. It's the little hidden banana belt of the Rockies. Spring comes early and we are mountain bound.

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The Hollons: Back Row from left to right: Charlee Beth, Shoshannah, Tenesee Rose, Johannah.

Front Row: Travis and Ketchum Blaine.

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Come with us on a prospecting adventure and see our mining claims for sale in Florence, Idaho. All mining equipment supplied. We will spend the day exploring one of our mining claims in Fabulous Florence, where millions of ounces of gold have been recovered! Florence is a ghost town today, but once held the county seat, with a population of over 10,000! We hope to see you soon.

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